Saturday, March 5, 2011


5 Causes Of Endless Struggles In Life

1. Misplaced Environment; Being in the Wrong Place.

2. Wrong Relationships: Being With the Wrong People.

3. Wrong Activities: Doing the Wrong Thing.

4. Lack of Divine Updates: Lack of Current Revelation of what God’s Doing with Your life.

5. Disobedience to God’s Commands: Disconnection between You and Heaven’s Agenda For Your Life.   

40 Ways Of Breaking This Endless Cycle of Struggle

1. Proper Personal impression: Use the 7- sec Mind Rule of Digesting Impression.   Rejection and Denial often comes from wrong Interpersonal Relations Skills.

2. Seek and Apply Principles of Excellence for Your Life and Even Your City to See Elevation.

3. A Proper Scriptural Foundation Through the True Apostolo-Prophetic Ministry to Build Great Structures for Your Life. Scripturally Right Life = Right Foundation For blessings.

4. Pay Tithes and Sow Seed: Small Seed = Small Harvest, Big Seed = Big Harvest.

5. Work According To The Your Purpose: Begin Small as You Steadfastly Pursue God. Your Innate Giftings Will Create Room For You so Know Them.
6. Guideline: Work with Biblical Economic Principles.

7. Association: This Will Increase Or Decrease You So Don’t Hung Around Idiots If You Want to Succeed But Increase Your Association With God. 

8. Think: Stretch Your Mind. To Learn, You Have Also to Unlearn; Lies Left In The Head Are Blockers Of Blessings. Deal Thoroughly With These Lies.

9. Trust: It’s a Joyful Thing To Find A Friend You Can Trust An Eventually Entrust. Confirm Whether God Really Trusts You As You Are In His Secret Place (Psa 91:10). He Can NEVER Bless What He Has Not Tried.

10. GIVE: Your Life, Time, Money, Resources To God and He’ll Bless You.

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